Your financial advisor in Marbella


  • Tax advice integrated into your company.
  • Resolution of doubts and queries that our clients ask us, either in writing or verbally. Always on tax issues.
  • Information on regulations and tax changes that affect the taxation of our clients.
  • Preparation, review and processing of documents and inquiries directed to the Tax Administration.
  • Assistance, representation and defense before the bodies of the Tax Inspection.
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns:
    • Personal Income Tax.
    • Corporate tax.
    • Fractional payment: direct estimate and objective estimate (modules).
    • Value added tax (VAT). Special taxes.
    • Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions.
    • Inheritance Tax.
    • Tax Audits. Appeals and complaints.
    • Withholding and payment on account of taxes.
    • Processing of files for tax deferral.
Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Spanish banking has passed the ECB's last stress test with flying colors. As expected, all banks in our country, which account for 95% of the national financial sector, passed. Liberbank was the only bank that failed the audit, it just fell short of its target, with...