Your financial advisor in Marbella


  • Accounting advice from the tax point of view, as well as the accounting of operations in accordance with current regulations
  • Accounting guidance for companies and individuals with specific and direct actions.
  • Mechanized accounting
  • Training of accounting department personnel
  • Updating of past due accounts.
  • Deposit of annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Budgetary plans Preparation and monitoring of budgets.
  • Preparation of economic and financial reports for companies.
  • Business valuation
Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Spanish banking has passed the ECB's last stress test with flying colors. As expected, all banks in our country, which account for 95% of the national financial sector, passed. Liberbank was the only bank that failed the audit, it just fell short of its target, with...