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About Legal Advisor Marbella Arteaga

Mr. Joaquín Arteaga Pardo, a licensed economist, has been providing his services in the municipality of Marbella for more than 20 years. The family tradition forced him to train academically in order to give continuity to what his family has been doing for many years, advising people who decide to put in their hands the management of their wealth or the management of their business, or simply they decide to hold a meeting to learn a different point of view.

It is clear that in all these years, it is the result of chance that the clients who come to Arteaga Asesores and almost all come on the recommendation of other clients, loyalty to the client is something that prevails in this advice since otherwise It would not be possible to fulfill our objective, which is none other than professionally advising our clients.

The entire team that has been making up the Arteaga Asesores in Marbella team for a long time is a team made up of Mr. Arteaga himself, who has been concerned day by day with instilling in all the people who work with him, his own philosophy regarding the service of its customers available daily.

The counseling has all the services that are detailed, but it is also clear that having a well-connected person is very important in any challenge that is available to us in life, that is why my own philosophy has been the duty when fulfilling with my clients, and be available when required.


“The price is what you pay. The value is what you get”


D. Joaquin Arteaga Pardo
Bachelor of economics

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Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

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