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Commitment + Trust = Loyalty, this is the sum of the effort we make every day for our clients. We not only have to be faithful to our clients, but also to our principles.

Each client represents an account, but if we do not work with people who care about us the same way that they matter to us, the human factor would be lost and we must not forget that loyalty is one of the most important points that is supported our personalized management with each of our clients.

It is for all this that the human factor counts a lot in each of the steps we carry out in life, and our advice wants to be present in the greatest number of them.

“Giving confidence is a test of courage; be faithful, a sign of strength”

Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Loans: Healthy Spanish Banks won’t promise it.

Spanish banking has passed the ECB's last stress test with flying colors. As expected, all banks in our country, which account for 95% of the national financial sector, passed. Liberbank was the only bank that failed the audit, it just fell short of its target, with...